You vs. Them
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This video, released by the football team today, is straight-up bad ass. This makes me want to go to the football complex, break in to the locker room, put on Demario Davis’s pads, go to the mall, and Goldberg spear someone.

Props to Chris Buttgen, because I am sure he probably had something to do with this.

Here’s the link to the source: ASU RedWolves Football Page.

Our Tower is Bigger than Your Tower
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Thanks to a longstanding partnership that the Red Wolf Club has formed with Nucor Steel, the practice field at ASU has just received a major update.  This  51′ video tower will allow the coaching staff to better capture footage from practices, provide a convenient storage area for frequently used equipment, and will eventually make non-stadium night practices a possibility.  This thing is sturdy.  In fact, it might be the only thing standing on campus after the New Madrid fault gives us “the big one.”

I know it seems like a small improvement, but hopefully it is one of many that will lead to a new culture of winning at ASU.  I am excited to see what’s in-store for this team and this coaching staff.

Pictured above is ASU Video Coordinator, Chris Buttgen, ASU Director of Major Gifts, Bill Templeton, ASU Head Football Coach, Hugh Freeze, Nucor-Yamato Steel’s Chad Utermark and Keith Prevost, ASU Director of Athletics, Dr. Dean Lee, ASU Associate Athletic Director for External Operations and Director of the Red Wolf Club, Doug Doggett, and ASU Assistant Athletic Director for Facilities and Event Management, Randy Knowles.