Should Earl be a full Chancellor, or remain an Associate?

He says that he is committed (and which of us shouldn’t be) to purchasing THREE (3) ASU women’s volleyball tickets next fall.  The Cap’n, being an old softie at heart, is willing to support his promotion, arguing that while season tickets to women’s volleyball is almost like no season tickets at all, Earl is a man of his word.  If he says he will do it, he will.  Possum has opined that the tickets should actually be purchased, not potentially purchased.  And none of us want to poke the Possum (that’s what she said).

I can see the merit in both sides.  I agree, Earl is clearly a man of his word.  I also know that he is cheap, and if the price of bananas goes up between now and vball time, the budget (or Earline) may not allow it.

Fellow members, please weigh in with your thoughts.

The Judge