Season of Change?
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It’s a new season and a new era as the Red Wolves begin the 2011 football season under the guidance of new head coach Hugh Freeze.  With six home games and two highly anticipated semi-rivals it could be a breakout season for ASU.

However this article isn’t about football, it’s about our associates.  With a new season brings a new question.  Which associate member will make the move towards membership and actually BUY season tickets to any sport offered by ASU?  While both associates are cheap in their own frugal way let’s take a brief look at both candidates, Carlos and Flanders.

  • Carlos – He has an uncanny way of maximizing his sports entertainment value with no money invested.  Everyone has heard the phrase low down, no down, no problem.  Carlos’ motto is no down…period.  He always finds a away to bum a ticket here or screw over a co-worker there without having to put out any actual cash.  With his Boomhauer like speech no one can actually understand what he’s saying and by default he ends up with free tickets.
  • Flanders – He approaches his freebies in a George Costanza like manner.  This meaning he’s all about getting the free ticket but his line of attack is more casual as he subtly drops a hint by asking ”Hey does any have an extra ticket?”  Flanders would sell a member of his own family if it meant a free plate of french fries for himself.

There is one common denominator in the Carlos and Flanders equation and it’s the Captain.  The Captain comes across as tough character but he has a soft spot in his heart for bottom feeders.  The Captain always comes through for these two.  E.G. – the UALR upper echelon incident.  Maybe we should change their names to the Wonder Twins!!

So who do you think will be the first associate to step up and make a tremendous challenge toward membership?  Will it be Carlos or Flanders?  If either one does decide to purchase season tickets what sport will it be, football or bowling? (there are no season tickets for bowling)  In my opinion, there is no doubt that neither one will make the move because they would have to actually spend money.  Let the wagering begin!!  Give us your feedback.

2009 Athletics: The Season of Earl
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With the 2009 ASU Athletic Season underway Earl has yet to purchase a season ticket of any kind.

It was the understanding of the RWC that a requirement of Earl’s full membership was to purchase a season ticket for an ASU sport. At the time of this writing the ASU women’s volleyball team (Earls first love in men’s volleyball) is nine games into the season & ASU football is coming up on it’s third game of the year.

I propose that Earl’s full membership be deferred for another year & that season tickets must be purchased before the start of the new school year.