Meeting Attendance
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Something must be done about the abysmal attendence record of a number of members, including senior, executive committee members.  As far as I know, Brother Wyoming is the only excused member, as he is out of the country on sensitive official RWC business.  As we all know, Thursday is to be considered sacred.  (I think that it is mentioned in Genesis somewhere, but I digress.)  The last meeting was attended by a paltry 5 persons.  Flanders was even early.  It would have been six, but as usual, Carlos brought guests, and was shunned.

Important business needed to take place, people.  With the website getting more attention all of the time, we are getting numerous requests for membership.  And I, for one, am afraid that certain non-executive committee, non-upper echelon members, (not mentioning any names, McLovin) are feeling a bit uppity, and getting drunk on the power that comes with having a vote that counts 20%.  And at least those of us that ventured to Troy, know what happens when he gets drunk.  He has unilaterally named the last Athlete of the Month with no executive Committee input. 

There was actually talk of granting membership to some of these clearly unqualified applicants.  As far as your humble correspondent is concerned, we have quite enough unqualified members as it is.  Plus the football season is literally right around the corner.   Come on, people!  (Yes, that is an exclamation point.  I NEVER use exclamation points, but felt it necessary in this case.  I used it, and I am not ashamed.  I am not a girl either, since I used only one.)  Show up so that I am not the only mature, voice of reason at the meeting.  As we all know, with no season tickets to his name, and none on the horizon, Flanders, though quite mature, doesn’t count.  Someone told him there was a banana at his office and he left early anyway.

RWC Manhood Requirements
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Due to recent circumstances I am starting to question the manhood of Numz & plebe Jonas.  Jonas skipped watching the NFC Championship game to take in the blockbuster Paul Blart Mall Cop & in my book that’s just downright un-manley.  If it had been the Lions & Browns in week seven I could understand, but it was the freakin’ NFC Championship.  Also Jonas has a pair of women’s sunglasses he wears that would make a Victoria’s Secret model jealous.

Numz has recently came on the wus-dar after it was discovered that he texted Jonas to find out what he was wearing to work because they both have the same shirts, however Jonas referred to the shirt as an “outfit”????  Secondly, Numz has never seen nor heard of the movies Mad Max or True Grit.

It’s my opinion that instead attending the RWC luncheons that these two are more suited to be guest co-hosts on The View where they can discuss their feminine qualities with Rosie O’Donnell.