During our weekly meeting (which is by invite only) we were discussing different ideas for the upcoming football season.  Pimp Daddy, being the astute wise one he is, suggested the Rabid Wolf Club formulate a signature drink that would truly represent our mission statement of Violently Engaging all Challenges.  A couple of the naming suggestions were briefly debated for the new cocktail, Rabid Throat Punch and the Rabid Wolf Martini.  While these are truly in the spirit of the RWC we thought a contest might be more suitable.

We are asking for input from our rabid followers.  Please submit your drink name and recipe.  The winning submission will receive an honorary pledge card and second place will receive half a bag of leftover Tostitos from last years tailgate.

To submit your idea for this rabid concoction, members should use the comment feature below and rabid guests should use our contact us page.