Captain #

The Captain is truly a NEW BREED of ASU advocate seeing as how I am not a graduate of this fine University but bleed PMS485 and have adopted them as my team.  I am a Captain in all respects. I lead by example and if that is not an option, brute force and intimidation works pretty well, too.

Possum *

I am a rabid ASU supporter for well over 20 years who has a calm demeanor & warm personality. However if I’m continually provoked or annoyed in any way I can quickly snap & give a beat down that won’t soon be forgotten. Founder of the world-wide force known as the ANGER TASK FORCE. Don’t poke the Possum!

Pimp Daddy

Yo, look here, we all know that a mind is a terrible thing to waste.  I have taken that to heart, and strive to educate the misbegotten youth of today as best I can.  Lord knows educatin’, like pimpin’, ain’t easy.  I sometimes question myself and my methods when it is pointed out to me that two of our members are the products of my pedagogical efforts.  While I am proud,(and somewhat amazed) that one has been able to procure for himself titles, promotions, and raises, the fact that he cannot seem to complete a simple task confounds me.  And then there is the Cajun.  At least I know that it is not long until I can relax at my happy place with the mouse.

The Judge * #

Graduate of the ASU School of Law.  From a vast, seemingly unlimited wealth of knowledge, I come to enlighten and help the heathen, more miscreant members of this noble group of fellows, in making decisions that will quite possibly have world wide ramifications.  By default, I also sometimes seem to be Earl and the Colonel’s link to the 21st century, and am chief pilot of the Pain Train.

Otis #

International referee from Possum Grape, Yugoslavia.  Fluent in 16 languages (so I know what you are saying in the stands in any language). Also, can read lips, translate facial expressions or gestures for those that have to sit in the cheap seats. I know all the rules by the way (just ask me). I often get asked to hold interventions, similar to what I did for poor Britney Spears, but I think I’ll just keep to the self-help books.  Remember, it’s not about you.

Wyoming * #

My name derives from adulation for former ASU and Wyoming football coach Al Kincaid — NOT, but rather from my former colleagues’ poor knowledge of geography.  Experienced in all facets of the legal and criminal justice system.  My once promising athletic career was cut short by my inability to jump high or run fast.  Early attempts to emulate former ASU basketball legend Don Scaife’s “jack-knife” leg-kick jump shots in 70’s almost resulted in dual knee replacement surgeries.   The quiet, thoughtful member of the club.


Formerly of the Fab Four, I am now part of the Fab 15 or so (RWC).  Though I have nowhere near the mad drumming skills of the Possum, or even the Judge, I bring my own brand (Ultrium) of bling to the table.  While I may not be the most interesting man in the world, I have, in fact, won card tournaments with my poker face alone.  My sense of brotherhood, and yen for travel means I will fit right in with the Jeremiah Johnson faction of the RWC.  I am a fan of both football and (again, like the Possum and the Judge) futbol.  I may be the only person to have more championship rings than Larry Lacewell.


As the only member to have actually held State U. elected office, I have a unique perspective on the student athlete.  Actually, I have a unique perspective on most things.  I believe that I have the highest per-capita use of Clorox of any member, and therefore am clearly the cleanest.  I am the charter (and so far only) member of the Save the Lettuce Foundation.  Even though I sometimes wear blue to a MTSU game, I am and always will be, an Indian.  That’s right, an Indian.  Everybody’s gone surfin.  Surfin USA.

NumbNutz McLovin

mclovin1As the sole initiate of the “Arauco” pledge class, I had to rely on my “street instincts” acquired from my rowdy upbringing in the “City of Lights”.   I feel confident that I have set the low standards to which future aspiring members of this sacred society can strive to achieve.  I also have MAD Microsoft Paint skillz and enjoy a good handful of salt every now and then.  I am also the only one to rate two (count ‘em, two) names.  I am in the Odyssey of the Mind Hall of Fame.  YES!!!


My love of ASU athletics is the same love I have for some good seafood gumbo and a hearty po-boy. A close third is the love I have for the former AD and appreciate all the hard work that he and Possum do together. They are like a match made in heaven. (kinda like my hair and the glasses) I am also the proud president and founding father of the Corey Leonard fan club. Go BC Lions!

Mighty Mouth

I represent the true embodiment of the country mouse who hit it big. Born and reared in rural Poinsett County it was a chance meeting with a phantom possum that lead me on a career path to radio and television. After years of enjoying a lifestyle of champagne wishes and caviar dreams in the big city, I, like MacArthur, have returned home dialing down the volume from 11 to about three. I now realize that my days of rocking and rolling all night have been replaced by bland meals and chewing Tums. What I brings to the club is the promise of making the RWC a worldwide power through 7 watts of flame throwing AM power. I play a Fender bass, my favorite food is white gravy, and my lucky number is quick 6.

Flanders (formerly known as Earl) * #

Hi-diddly-ho, neighborino!  My official title was actually The Earl of Bassackwards.  I have an aversion to all things electronic, the upshot of which is that I may never be able to read this myself.  I aspire to full membership in this (or any) group, however, I cannot seem to be able to open my pocketbook sufficiently to buy season tickets even to women’s volleyball, and therefore may forever be relegated to Associate status.  I console myself with the thought that at least I am not Randy. I like to cozy up every night with yesterday’s paper, a bag of peanut M&Ms, and a nice cold Diet Mountain Dew.  I still like bananas.


Associate Members (AKA: Non-Season Ticket Holders)

Carlos (AKA: Randy, Goober, Tick, Ears, T*ts McScruff, Worm) #

carlos60I’m a bit of an anomaly in that I really don’t fit into any particular social category seeing as that I’m two chromosomes shy of being tetched.  I am an aspiring carnie whose current job is spreading pixie-dust on the Tilt-O-Whirl.  I’m hoping next year I’ll be guessing people’s weight or barking for the Yak Woman.  I look to Earl for moral guidance as well as spritual enlightment & only dream that one day I can be like him.  I like grape blow-pops and Sex in the City re-runs.

Associates are reviewed annually in accordance to the RWC calendar year, beginning Aug 1st


Satellite Members


Formerly known as Superman, I come to the RWC with higher credentials than anyone else, having actually shed blood, sweat and tears (both of my own and others) on two of the three sides of the ASU athletic department. Fortunately for the RWC, those two were as player and coach. I remain unsullied by the darker forces surrounding the athletic administration wing. While an “Indian” heart and soul, I have embraced the Wolf, both Red and Rabid, and aspire to be an example to all. That is why my name has such an honorable ring to it.  In 2004, my name was stolen by Dwight Howard.  In the ultimate twist of fate, I decided to steal his name in retaliation.

Big Nasty

You know Hartman, goodie-two-shoes is fidgeting around like a one-legged cat trying to bury s*** on a frozen pond, until old Seth fixes him a couple of pink poontang specials. You know, that crazy drink that I fix for stewardesses? Two shots out of that and Hartman is shot to s***, freaked out. I mean, I never saw a guy having so much fun and crying at the same time! Anyway, he’s got one that’s about 8 inches long and pink, and its got these little crinkles in it, and its got this grinder that makes it go in and out…

Lando (formerly known as Wally Turbeville)

I AM ASU Journalism! As a child, I used to be whiter than a powdered donut in a bag of flour in a snow storm in Frank Broyles’ hair with a SCOOP of vanilla ice cream on top. It is rumored because my writing is so exceptional that I must be the result of a top secret experiment to produce a superhuman wordsmith by artificially inseminating J. K Rowling with the frozen sperm of F. Scott Fitzgerald. Others claim I must be the illegitimate lovechild of Rupert Murdoch and Barbara Walters. My love for ASU is endless, as a matter of fact; I have been known to sing of my “ENDLESS LOVE” for the Red Wolves. With the voice of a movie star — Napoleon Dynamite — and the good-looks of a radio star, ruling a multimedia empire is my destiny. My latest innovation — SrUaBbLiIdMwIoNlAfL PrRuIlNeT — will help me reach my ultimate goal — Rabid Wolf World Domination — one subscriber at a time!


My name comes from my lack of pigment. I am the webmaster here and am also Numz’s personal technology/programming consultant. Although I no longer live in Jonesboro, or Arkansas for that matter, I attend as many games as I can either in person or virtually through the miracle of the Internet (thanks Al Gore!).

Uncle Fester

uncle_festerUncle Fester is incorrigible and except for the good nature of the family and the ignorance of the police, would ordinarily be under lock and key… Fester has a strange ability to conduct electricity.  He would often demonstrate this by putting a light bulb in his mouth, which would illuminate, accompanied by a loud, crackling noise…He claims to possess 110 watts of power but often can power up to 220 watts if Big Red pushes his buttons. Even at its brightest level, Uncle Fester’s glow couldn’t light up the ASU Soccer Complex. He has moved on to bigger and better fields, but will always hold a special place in the RWC.


Hootie Robinson

I come from a long line of trailblazers, some good, some bad. Everyone knows the story of Jackie Robinson. But you probably haven’t heard of Atticus Finch Robinson who was the first casualty of the Revolutionary War. Cousin Charlie Pride Robinson broke down barriers in country music. I am merely following the grand traditions of my family by becoming the first to join the RWC and my pledgeship is the direct result of a government watchdog group. I’m an avid sportsman who enjoys hunting, fishing, and cooking outdoors. I can cook up a mess of food whether it’s barbequed raccoon, blowfish stew, or wild squirrel kabobs. I believe in big government and my favorite board game is Liberalopoly. I enjoy eating my Snickers bar with a knife and fork as any civilized person would. Lastly I endorse the Whopper only when it’s super-sized. I’m comfortable in Wranglers.


* denotes executive committee member
# denotes upper echelon