Twas The Night Before Christmas…RWC Style
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Twas the week after football season & all through land
The ASU Red Wolves were without a bowl invite in hand.
At Wings to Go the RWC discussed the disappointing season
With the Captain & Otis being the voices of reason.

Pimp Daddy was angry & said it was time for a change
While Tubby voiced that a visit from his namesake might be arranged.
The Judge asked for everyone to calm down & said we’ll be better next year
Possum exclaimed shut your pie hole & shoved a chicken wing in his ear

The table was full & the conversation couldn’t be beat
When all of a sudden there was Randy & Earl lookin’ for a seat
Wyoming exclaimed to the two, we start lunch at 11:30 without a catch
The Colonel chimed in its okay they’re both a little tetched.

The discussion quickly turned to the young ASU basketball season
The upcoming UALR game & Christmas parties were the reason
The RWC was planning a trip to the Rock to cheer on Brady commanding the hardwood
While Numnutz cried over his suicide wings I wish I could, I wish I could.

Outside of Wings peering in was a young lad with gifts in hand
A rushee who looked like reject of the Jonas Brothers Band
A potential pledge & plebe, Javelin boy was his name
Kissing up & toiling for the members would soon be his game

Big Nasty was in The Rock holding down the satellite club
While drinking a vodka & tonic at his favorite local pub
Milky was in Clemson playing Dungeons & Dragons
While avoiding one armed strippers & trying to stay on the wagon

Now on Capn’, Judge, Pimp Daddy, Otis, & Wyoming,
On Randy, Earl, Numz, Milky, & Big Nasty
Everyone bleed Red & Black & don’t forget to put up a fight

Touched by a Champangel
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Here we are again.  College football is over.  For all of us in the RWC, some things seem eerily familiar while others turned out to be a pleasant surprise.

Things that Stayed the Same

  1. We Lost a Coach and Hired a Stellar Replacement –  Coach Harsin and the new coaching staff has the full support of the RWC and vice versa, as evidenced by their quick decision to follow the RWC on Twitter.
  2. The RWC had an Awesome Experience in Mobile – Unlike the majority of the Red Wolves’ fan base, the RWC was excited to return to the Bowl.  In fact, we liked it so much that we decided to repeat the 2012 agenda completely.  We ate at the same places, did the same activities, and performed the same roles.  The Possum played possum, Jonas played stepdaddy, and the Colonel played annoying (although we all know he wasn’t playing)
  3. Ladd Peebles Stadium is a Dump, located in the Ghetto – Maybe thinking this would be different or “not as bad as we remembered” was just wishful thinking.  There’s no way around it… that stadium is terrible.

Things That Were MUCH Better

  1. The Outcome of the Game – It would have been hard for the game to turn out worse than last year, but nonetheless, winning the bowl game makes the drive back MUCH more enjoyable.  Our team played hard until the final seconds to pull out our first bowl when since joining the FBS and our first win against a ranked opponent.
  2. Coaching Staff Consistency – This group of misfit GA’s actually showed a lot of character by sticking around to coach ASU during the bowl game.  This ALMOST makes up for the fact that they never took the Auburn stickers, magnets, and license plates off their vehicles.
  3. The Champangel – It was by mere luck a couple of our members found themselves at a certain restaurant for brunch last year. These pioneering members got to experience what would come to be known to us throughout the year as “The Mimosa Fairy.”  This year, Sunday brunch became a required activity.  Turns out, we had been referring to this heavenly being by the wrong name.  Also, turns out that this year’s Champangel was a definite upgrade from last years, but how MUCH of an upgrade is still left up to debate to be settled in the living rooms or subsequent guest bedrooms of certain members of the RWC.

Note: Due to the sensitive nature of the champangel experience by certain stakeholders in the RWC extended family, the author of this post shall remain anonymous. 

The Rabidness is Spreading (updated 08/01)
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The buzz sounding the upcoming football season as at an all-time high.  The same can be said for the Rabid Wolf Club.  Web traffic is up 1,115.79% 1,470.59% for the month of July.  I thought I would take a few minutes share a few site statistics with the group.

In the month of July, we had 231 267 unique visits
The average time a user spends on the site is nearly 9 minutes
The bounce rate is only 41% (people who don’t click internal links)
Traffic sources: 67% direct, 22% referring sites, 11% search engines
Top visitor countries are US, Brazil, India, and the UK
Top visitor US states are AR, TX, MS, and FL

We’ve made several improvements to the site during the last few months too.  Some of these include member/nonmember short scripts, pain train bio, ATF resurrection, twitter feed, and the visitor map.  Lets build on the momentum as we continue to violently engage all challenges.

Start of Six Home Games Saturdary
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Well all you football lovers, ASU opens it home season this Saturdary night and I hope that all of you have gotten your tickets (I have no doubt that Flanders has). Lets make this a very, very large Red Wolf gathering.

Season of Change?
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It’s a new season and a new era as the Red Wolves begin the 2011 football season under the guidance of new head coach Hugh Freeze.  With six home games and two highly anticipated semi-rivals it could be a breakout season for ASU.

However this article isn’t about football, it’s about our associates.  With a new season brings a new question.  Which associate member will make the move towards membership and actually BUY season tickets to any sport offered by ASU?  While both associates are cheap in their own frugal way let’s take a brief look at both candidates, Carlos and Flanders.

  • Carlos – He has an uncanny way of maximizing his sports entertainment value with no money invested.  Everyone has heard the phrase low down, no down, no problem.  Carlos’ motto is no down…period.  He always finds a away to bum a ticket here or screw over a co-worker there without having to put out any actual cash.  With his Boomhauer like speech no one can actually understand what he’s saying and by default he ends up with free tickets.
  • Flanders – He approaches his freebies in a George Costanza like manner.  This meaning he’s all about getting the free ticket but his line of attack is more casual as he subtly drops a hint by asking ”Hey does any have an extra ticket?”  Flanders would sell a member of his own family if it meant a free plate of french fries for himself.

There is one common denominator in the Carlos and Flanders equation and it’s the Captain.  The Captain comes across as tough character but he has a soft spot in his heart for bottom feeders.  The Captain always comes through for these two.  E.G. – the UALR upper echelon incident.  Maybe we should change their names to the Wonder Twins!!

So who do you think will be the first associate to step up and make a tremendous challenge toward membership?  Will it be Carlos or Flanders?  If either one does decide to purchase season tickets what sport will it be, football or bowling? (there are no season tickets for bowling)  In my opinion, there is no doubt that neither one will make the move because they would have to actually spend money.  Let the wagering begin!!  Give us your feedback.

RWC Violently Engages WKU
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Members of the Rabid Wolf Club traveled to Bowling Green, Ken-Tuck-eee to watch the Red Wolves open their Sunbelt play against the Hilltoppers of WKU.

As with most trips, it was the core group who made the trip which included the Captain, the Judge, Wyoming, Possum, and Jonas.  As usual Flanders refused to go, and instead guarded the Searcy city limits in fear the town would turn Baptist during the 17 hours we were away from northeast Arkansas.  McLovin’ attended his wife’s high school reunion because he was fearful that she would wise up and find a replacement if he went to the game.  No one invited Carlos and Hootie has still yet to figure out what the term pledge means.

It was an nice a trip to the moonshine state.  We were zero for two in the food stop department. On the way there we stopped at a little hole in wall that reminded me of a scene from the show Justified and on the way back we dined at the lovely Ponderosa in Central City somewhere.  As we drove into Bowling Green it reminded me of Gee Street back in Jonesboro.

The game, as most people should know, was a back and forth game with the Red Wolves pulling out a come from behind victory in the last two minutes of the game and no time outs.  In previous years the Red Wolves would have found a way to lose a game like that but this year they fought through the adversity of no rushing game and found a way to win.  We even saw Dwayne Frampton come alive, old cliche’ now, and run the Rabid Wolf Formation.  WKU has a nice little stadium but I’ve seen more fans at a Nettleton/Trumann game.  I know Western is down but for a beautiful fall day they should’ve had more fans there.

We were also honored to see the Western Kentucky Homecoming court pictured below.







The person with the T on their chest taunted Wyoming several times during the game but Wyoming got the last laugh after ASU scored the go ahead touchdown.  With :46 seconds left Wyoming ran down and told the girl, “WE ARE. A-STATE!!” or something along those lines.

All in all it was good trip and as far as I can remember it was the first time I have witnessed a road victory which made for an enjoyable trip back home.

RWC Trivia Time: Rabid Carlos
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This post is only visible to registered RWC members and approved friends of the RWC!

RWC Travels To Monroe
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A small contingent of the RWC traveled to Monroe, LA. to watch the Red Wolves take on the War Hawks this past Saturday.  The 6:00 kick made it a long day of driving through some of the most desolate, forsaken land I’ve ever seen.

The group consisted of Possum, Mighty Mouth, a rushee, McLovin’, who drove his tank into lands that only looked habitable for deer & Sasquatches.  We also met Lil’ Dwight who we’re looking into possibly starting another satellite chapter.  Once we got into Louisiana the only thing we saw on the way to the stadium were drive thru daiquiri shops on every corner.  Louisiana should changes it’s license plate slogan to the “Daiquiri State”

Malone Stadium, what can I say?  What a dump.  Only the former Fouts Field at North Texas State was a bigger crap hole.  The home side soars to creepy heights.  It’s hard to describe how out of proportion it is, especially compared to the student side.  Speaking of the student side ULM has five FEMA trailers on stilts, painted gold they use as luxury boxes.  Of course in Louisiana I’m sure it is a luxury.  Check out the pictures.  If you look closely at the picture on the right you can see the luxury boxes.

We were heckled by several students who called us a variety of names.  McLovin’ was singled out for wearing Crocs (that was actually kind of funny).  As ASU made the come back most of the hecklers started to leave but there were a few left.  We told them all about it as the clock hit 0:00 and not even the crappy Sunbelt refs could the Red Wolves down, even though they tried with 13 penalties for 130 yards.  I personally have seen two road wins in a row and up until last week I had never seen a road victory.  With only two road games left our schedule sets up nicely although we have four tough teams to play.

The next RWC outing is an all day tailgating event on Tuesday October, 18th when the Red Wolves take on FIU for an ESPN2 broadcast.  Stay RABID my friends.

RWC Rabid Athlete of the Month
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The RWC is proud to bestow our first “Rabid Athlete of the Month” award to Amy Bowman.

Amy was selected for this prestigious award because of her representation of the RWC mission statement to violently engage all challenges in her performance at this weekend’s SunBelt Track and Field Championship.  Here is a clip about Amy’s performance from

bowmanArkansas State senior Amy Bowman scored the most points of any competitor in the field en route to winning the women’s pentathlon while also placing third in the women’s 55 meter hurdles with a time of 8.05.

“Amy had a great weekend. Every once and a while you get that fifth year senior who really understands that this is their last time to get to do this at the conference meet and she left it all on the line,” added Badeaux. “She was actually not in first place going into the 800 meter run and that kind of messed her up a little bit but they weren’t going to stop her. She was going to run fast enough to beat that girl and win”

The race for the women’s pentathlon crown came down to the last event with Bowman trailing the lead by 22 points. Bowman finished in second in the 800 meter run to push her final point total to 3,649.

She also gets the award for being the first REAL student athlete with the last name of Bowman in recent ASU history.

Congratulations Amy!

RWC Rabid Athlete of the Month
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As the 2011 football season approaches (34 days from now, but who’s counting?), the RWC is reviving the Rabid Athlete of the Month program, where we highlight the most rabid athletes at Arkansas State University.

The August 2011 Rabid Athlete of the Month is senior WR, Dwayne Frampton.

Last year, Frampton hauled in a team-high 69 receptions (2nd most in ASU history) for 738 receiving yards (also team-high and 7th ASU all time).  Framp had 6 receiving TDs and caught multiple passes in every game last season.  In fact, despite playing only one year at ASU, he enters this senior season needing just 15 catches and two touchdowns to rank among the top-10 all-time leaders in ASU history.  Basically, In a group of possibly the best receiving corp ASU has had in the last ten years, Frampton rose to the top.

This year, there are no expectations that those numbers will decline.  The promotion of Hugh Freeze to head coach solidifies the wide open, pass-happy offense we enjoyed last year will be even more unleashed this season.  ASU will also have depth at the other skill positions, requiring opposing defenders to respect the running game just as much as the air attack.

Frampton isn’t satisfied with last year’s performance either.  He has been working out this summer on his own.  From sparring with trainers to catching balls from NFL QBs, Framp is doing everything in his power to achieve his ultimate goal, playing in the NFL.

The RWC wishes Frampton the best for the upcoming season as he continues to violently engage DBs from coast to coast.  For his inner RWC inspiration, he can just read the quote on his locker that contains an excerpt from the famous quote:

“Do you fear the force of the wind, the slash of the rain?  Go face them and fight them, be savage again. Go hungry and cold like the wolf…You’ll grow ragged and weary and swarthy, but you’ll walk like a man.”
- Hamlin Garland

RWC Manhood Requirements
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Due to recent circumstances I am starting to question the manhood of Numz & plebe Jonas.  Jonas skipped watching the NFC Championship game to take in the blockbuster Paul Blart Mall Cop & in my book that’s just downright un-manley.  If it had been the Lions & Browns in week seven I could understand, but it was the freakin’ NFC Championship.  Also Jonas has a pair of women’s sunglasses he wears that would make a Victoria’s Secret model jealous.

Numz has recently came on the wus-dar after it was discovered that he texted Jonas to find out what he was wearing to work because they both have the same shirts, however Jonas referred to the shirt as an “outfit”????  Secondly, Numz has never seen nor heard of the movies Mad Max or True Grit.

It’s my opinion that instead attending the RWC luncheons that these two are more suited to be guest co-hosts on The View where they can discuss their feminine qualities with Rosie O’Donnell.

RANT #25 – American Hikers in Iran
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This will be pretty short.

There are many people who like to stay fit through the sport of Hiking.  The United States is a great country with ample places to hike so why do these three Americans feel the need to hike in the middle east?  They let one go and the others look to be let go soon only after spending over two years in prison.

Bottom line is if you want to hike, do it in your own country and don’t try it in an area that has been in turmoil forever.

RANT #24 – Walmart Zombies
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Yeah you know what I mean even before I start.

It sickens me to the core to see ASU students and alumni who slop the pig because it’s what they’ve been conditioned or brain-washed to do.  How is it that people are easily transformed into a trance that converts a decent human into a mechanical zombie who is drawn to Walmart to buy their swine gear? 

I can’t comprehend how a student comes to ASU, or any school for that matter, and continues to support other schools whether it be wearing a clothing item or having a sticker or license plate on their car.  I can’t tell you how many ASU students I see with an ASU parking decal only to have a pig license plate on their car.  To take that thought up a notch to 11, there are countless ASU graduates who worship the swine.  And when you ask why their answer is that they couldn’t get into the other school or ASU gave more scholarships.  These alums find no fault in not supporting their alma mater, the one that allowed them to be where they are today.  Take a look at Facebook where you’ll find your friends, frat brothers, sorority sisters, and co-workers who graduated from ASU.  Yet the majority of them are flying the pig colors and telling tales of how they are heading to the hill.

I challenge each person who reads this to become a social assassin and publicly call out each student and alum, and ask them why they choose the lifestyle they do.  Confront and antagonize them to provke a response.  This works well in a group of people.  Better yet maybe I should start an interactive list and name ASU grads who refuse to support their alma mater.



RANT #23 – Merging
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Today’s topic of anger is merging.   Whether it be an interstate, bypass or any two-laned traffic area that requires the automobile to build speed in order to move into the flow of traffic, you have no doubt encountered a tremendous challenge on your travels.

For the life of me I can’t understand how stupidity takes control of a person as they begin their attempt to merge into traffic.  It’s as if a demonic spirit has entered the driver as they begin their journey toward other vehicles.  These people have an absolute fear of entering traffic.  It ranges from slowing down to a complete stop, which I’ve witnessed before.

I’m sure some of my readers are guilty of not knowing how to merge so here are some helpful tools.  first check out this link.  For others who are incapable of clicking a link here are a few tips.

  1. Enter the ramp.
  2. begin acceleration.
  3. The idea is to gain speed and match the speed of he traffic already on the interstate.

There is another problem in this equation.  If you succeed entering the traffic flow you may encounter the memaw or slack jawed yocal who refuses to move into the left lane and allow you onto the two laned highway.  If you encounter either one of these jack-necks I can offer a couple of solutions.

  1. Make use of your horn.  Use that baby.  If your horn is not loud enough you can purchase a train horn at one of your local truck accessory stores which makes for a good time.
  2. You can just follow the moronic driver, pull them over and violently engage them.  Do society a favor and point out how big DB they are and write them a ticket.  That’s right, take out a piece of paper and make your own ticket.  You will feel better knowing that you confronted stupidity.

That’s all for today.  If you can’t understand how to drive, just stay home and watch reruns of Mama’s Family.




RANT #22 – Sonic
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For the most part I enjoy Sonic, America’s Drive-in.  They provide a good product, have a daily happy hour, and usually do a good job.  However Sonic has some areas to improve upon.

  1. The microphone – After placing my order at Sonic I anxiously await for them to read it back because I don’t have faith in them getting it right.  Why??  Because it sounds like Charlie Brown’s teacher reading the order back or a drunk college kid taking a stab at Mandarin Chinese.
  2. Tipping – I never know if you’re supposed to tip or not.  For this reason alone I will pass Sonic a lot of times and go somewhere else.  I usually don’t tip, however the last couple of times I have given them a  few cents.  And what about when your order comes out to $2.97, you hand them $3.00 and they assume they can keep the 3 cents?  Sonic should put out some sort of press release or sign addressing this issue.  Very nerve racking.

Come on Sonic, you’re a good company just fix these two areas.


RANT #20 – Left Lane Loafers
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We have all experienced them at one time or another, people who drive in the left hand lane below the speed limit.  I, however, am the lucky one who encounters these people every time I get into my car to go somewhere.  That’s right, the left lane loafer or triple L as I like to call them. 

The left lane loafer usually exhibits the same characterisitics nation-wide whether your’re traveling on I-55 or running errands around town.  You know, the self-absorbed person (see RANT #17) who is on the their cell phone, driving aimlessly in the left hand lane at 20 MPH oblivious to what is going on around, beside, or behind them.  One wonders how this person passed a driving test, and even if they didn’t it’s common sense dictates that if someone is on your arse behind you, accelerate and get the %*#!@ over in the right lane. 

For the life of me I just don’t get it.  Everytime I get behind a triple L, I feel compelled to pull the person over and at the very least, just scream at them for a good munute or so.


RANT #18 – Carlos
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Carlos!!!  Where to begin?  Here is a member of our astute organization with an A B normal brain.  He is socially challenged  in all aspects of day-to-day life when it comes to following the simplest of Rabid Wolf Club statutes.

Carlos has a fascination with trying to push the envelope when it comes to adhering to RWC protocol.  He cannot seem to grasp the most important rule when it comes to weekly meetings and that is…


It’s that simple, yet Carlos is constantly trying to bring a guest.  I wonder what color the sky is in the world where Carlos lives?  When it comes to following a simple rule, Carlos is dumber than a bucket of shrimp.  It’s time for the membership to take a stand against our most feeble minded member and hand down a punishment which can be carried out by a 65 year old  man who has the mind of a three year old.  I suggest washing my feet.  With Carlos’ advanced age, I will give him some benefit of a doubt.  Due to his advanced age, OLD-Timers may be setting in and he may not be as dumb as a  waffle iron as we think he is.  I hope that is the case, and if so, I’m sure he’ll doze off some day at lunch, drool all over himself , and we will proceed to make his head into a real life jack-o-lantern.

Disce aut Discede


Rabid Wolf Swill
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During our weekly meeting (which is by invite only) we were discussing different ideas for the upcoming football season.  Pimp Daddy, being the astute wise one he is, suggested the Rabid Wolf Club formulate a signature drink that would truly represent our mission statement of Violently Engaging all Challenges.  A couple of the naming suggestions were briefly debated for the new cocktail, Rabid Throat Punch and the Rabid Wolf Martini.  While these are truly in the spirit of the RWC we thought a contest might be more suitable.

We are asking for input from our rabid followers.  Please submit your drink name and recipe.  The winning submission will receive an honorary pledge card and second place will receive half a bag of leftover Tostitos from last years tailgate.

To submit your idea for this rabid concoction, members should use the comment feature below and rabid guests should use our contact us page.

Rabid Wolf Co-Athletes of the Month
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Congratulations to Kaily Nix and Taylor Zane, the Rabid Wolf Club Co-Athletes of the Month.  As most viewers know, the RWC is not an ELE (everybody love everybody) organization.  That is why we don’t have an athlete of the month every month.  In fact, we haven’t had one in almost 2 years.  That being said, Rabid Wolf pups Kaily “Serve” Nix and Taylor “Volley” Zane are so honored for their violent engagement of all opponents in the 6A East conference regular season and tournament, and 6A state tournament.   The JONESBORO High School doubles pair won their second individual state championship, and helped their team to a sixth straight state championship.   (Aside:  This proves that urban, inner-city school children can be successful without the benefit of going to a public/private, apple chasing, teach to the test, tractor driving, jug-band playing rich kids school)  The pair showed no mercy as they ran through the conference regular season, tournament, and state tournament without surrendering more than 2 games to any opponent in any set.   In fact, the Searcy team, after being dinged numerous times at the net by “Headhunter” Zane during the conference final, hardly ventured inside the baseline during the state final, prefering stay back and hit deep to “Run Everything Down” Nix, a strategy which also proved futile.  When asked what they were going to do to celebrate, the pair, (with apologies to Pimp Daddy) said that they were NOT going to Disneyworld, but were going to change their names to Kaily “Hot Shot” Nix and Taylor “Cool Block” Zane and prepare to transfer their aggression to the soccer pitch in the spring

Rabid Wolf Club Becomes BONA FIDE
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Established in 2007 as “A new breed of ASU supporters”, the Rabid Wolf Club has finally become bona fide thanks to the good folks at Arkansas 360.  We have recently been profiled by their website and thankfully not profiled by the FBI.  You can check out the article here…

 We are prepared and ready to violently engage anyone from another fan base who dares approach the Pain Train.  We look forward to meeting all of our fans during the tailgates this season.  To quote the great General George S. Patton…

A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week.

Stay RABID my friends!

Membership FAQ
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There have been many, many, many questions in regards to RWC membership.  Such as,  ”How do I become a member?”, “What are the requirements?”, “Can I start a satellite chapter?”.  I hope to answer some of these questions here.

So just what are the membership requirements?  Membership requirements are loosely based, but here are some general guidelines.

  1. Swag – You have to have suitable swag, gifts, donations and etc…  The swag must be of a certain worth and provided to every member.  Examples of swag may include limited edition gear of some sort like shirts, watches, or other accessories.
  2. Cash – We always accept cash.  The amount however is determined by the candidate’s background.  A formal application is required along with an application fee.  In simple terms the amount is determined by how much we like or dislike someone.
  3. Services – If you can provide some sort of service such as medical, food, entertainment or something along those lines you will be considered.
  4. Satellite Chapters – If we like you we may allow you to start a satellite chapter however there is a  satellite chapter fee requirement along with a background screening.

In order for a candidate to be considered for pledge status (pledge term is a minimum  three year term) you must submit a formal application.  Once the application is reviewed by the RWC membership, a vote is taken.  a 100% approval rate is required by the membership.

After attaining pledge status the pledge will be required to attend all RWC events and work those events.  Duties include, but are not limited to, cooking, setting up tailgate events, attending to the concession stand needs of RWC members, and driving members to events.

If you have more questions… if no one else can help… and if you can find them… maybe you can ask an actual member of the Rabid Wolf Club… or use our contact form.

Meeting Attendance & Offical Drink of the Pack
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I will start with the later since it is the easiest. Being a senoir member (but not as senior as Pimp Daddy, he is older than dirt) I think that being the zealous, passionate and powerful members that we are I think that the only drink for us to sanction worthy of the RWC is straight up Crown Royal over ice. Now I know Pimp Daddy (the sissy wine drinker he is) will shiver at this thought but I think he can do it.

Now as to the attendance issue that The Judge has brought to the fore front. Some of us even the senior ones in the club do still have “real” jobs and do have to from time to time show it if only to collect our check. I am sure that with the advent of schools starting and the upcoming football season attendence will once again be full.

Meeting Attendance
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Something must be done about the abysmal attendence record of a number of members, including senior, executive committee members.  As far as I know, Brother Wyoming is the only excused member, as he is out of the country on sensitive official RWC business.  As we all know, Thursday is to be considered sacred.  (I think that it is mentioned in Genesis somewhere, but I digress.)  The last meeting was attended by a paltry 5 persons.  Flanders was even early.  It would have been six, but as usual, Carlos brought guests, and was shunned.

Important business needed to take place, people.  With the website getting more attention all of the time, we are getting numerous requests for membership.  And I, for one, am afraid that certain non-executive committee, non-upper echelon members, (not mentioning any names, McLovin) are feeling a bit uppity, and getting drunk on the power that comes with having a vote that counts 20%.  And at least those of us that ventured to Troy, know what happens when he gets drunk.  He has unilaterally named the last Athlete of the Month with no executive Committee input. 

There was actually talk of granting membership to some of these clearly unqualified applicants.  As far as your humble correspondent is concerned, we have quite enough unqualified members as it is.  Plus the football season is literally right around the corner.   Come on, people!  (Yes, that is an exclamation point.  I NEVER use exclamation points, but felt it necessary in this case.  I used it, and I am not ashamed.  I am not a girl either, since I used only one.)  Show up so that I am not the only mature, voice of reason at the meeting.  As we all know, with no season tickets to his name, and none on the horizon, Flanders, though quite mature, doesn’t count.  Someone told him there was a banana at his office and he left early anyway.

Flanders and Obama
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Who knew Flanders was so connected (and emotional)?
Earl: A full Chancellor, or an Associate?
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Should Earl be a full Chancellor, or remain an Associate?

He says that he is committed (and which of us shouldn’t be) to purchasing THREE (3) ASU women’s volleyball tickets next fall.  The Cap’n, being an old softie at heart, is willing to support his promotion, arguing that while season tickets to women’s volleyball is almost like no season tickets at all, Earl is a man of his word.  If he says he will do it, he will.  Possum has opined that the tickets should actually be purchased, not potentially purchased.  And none of us want to poke the Possum (that’s what she said).

I can see the merit in both sides.  I agree, Earl is clearly a man of his word.  I also know that he is cheap, and if the price of bananas goes up between now and vball time, the budget (or Earline) may not allow it.

Fellow members, please weigh in with your thoughts.

The Judge

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The Divorced Wives Club (DWC) had it’s beginnings in Mt. Pilot.

Coming Soon to ASU Stadium
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The Rabid Wolf Formation

The Rabid Wolf Club is proud to declare that the Rabid Wolf Formation™ (RWF) is the official name for the ASU version of the “wildcat” formation.  The RWF has been a initiative of the Rabid Wolf Club ever since the first WR lined up behind center at ASU Stadium.

You can’t argue the logical progression.  Wildcat -> Wildwolf -> RABID WOLF.

ASU Head Football Coach, Hugh Freeze, and Matt Stolz, play-by-play man for 107.9 KFIN, have been given the exclusive rights by the RWC to use our sacred namesake for this formation in return for future, possible honorary membership status.

The RWC is excited about this new partnership and looks forward to miles of positive yardage for the Red Wolves and increased exposure for the most rabid ASU fanatics.

Go Red Wolves!

Baltensperger Pledge Class
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The Rabid Wolf Club would like to announce (not proudly) their newest pledges. 

Each pledge class is given a name using a letter from the alphabet.  We started with Arauco in 2007 and we are now on the letter B after Mc’Lovin and Jonas finally were initiated after four years of serving as pledges.  Since there is no set time table for pledge-ship, most of our membership will likely never see the F pledge class.

The newest members of the Baltenspeger pledge class are Wally Turbeville and Hootie Robinson.  Much like Alcoholics Anonymous, each pledge is required to have a sponsor.  It is the sponsor’s job to keep their pledge in line and make sure that the pledge carries out their duties in a proficient manner.

Wally is sponsored by the Wyoming.  Wally has the voice of a movie star and a face for print media.  It is under Wyoming’s guidance that Wally will carry out his duties that will move him closer to membership.  Hootie is sponsored by the Captain.  The Captain’s trust is tough to gain but Hootie has made quite the impression on the Captain.  Hootie has a tough row to hoe but looks to be up for the challenge.

Congratulations to the Baltensperger pledge class.

A Fresh Start
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In keeping with the theme of the 2011 football season, I have decided to give the website a fresh start. I move that we think positively until given a reason to do otherwise. There is a level of excitement surrounding the program that has been recently lacking. There has also been an unusual amount of interest in our sacred group as well (for good or bad). Who knows, maybe we’ll open up the membership for pledges soon.

2011 RWC Member Prediction Poll
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It’s that time of year again!  The time when we gather around the lunch table and give our predictions for the upcoming football year.  A time where dreams and reality collide, pride and pocketbooks are on the line, and Carlos funds the club activities for the rest of the year.

Here are the official results of the 2011 RWC Prediction Poll.  These results are only visible to logged in RWC members.  For non-members, we have provided a summary of the results below.

pimp daddy
the judge
big nasty
mighty mouth
uncle fester

So far, with 16 predictions submitted, the predictions have ranged from 6-6 to 12-0. However, the person that submitted the 12-0 prediction could have had the ASU football schedule confused with the Gonzaga women’s soccer schedule. We are unanimously predicting that ASU beats Memphis, UCA, ULL, and North Texas. The only game that at everyone (who was looking at the ASU schedule) doesn’t think ASU can win is Virginia Tech.  That could be because Carlos has yet to submit his predictions.

Predictions by Number: 7-5 – 8 members, 6-6 – 3 members, 8-4 – 4 members, 12-0 – 1 member

2009 Athletics: The Season of Earl
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With the 2009 ASU Athletic Season underway Earl has yet to purchase a season ticket of any kind.

It was the understanding of the RWC that a requirement of Earl’s full membership was to purchase a season ticket for an ASU sport. At the time of this writing the ASU women’s volleyball team (Earls first love in men’s volleyball) is nine games into the season & ASU football is coming up on it’s third game of the year.

I propose that Earl’s full membership be deferred for another year & that season tickets must be purchased before the start of the new school year.

1st Annual Alpha Wolf Fantasy Camp
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On June 17-18, the Arkansas State Football staff held it’s inaugural Alpha Wolf Fantasy Camp. The Rabid Wolf Club was an avid participant, fielding 1 owner, 1 coach, and 4 players. After a hard fought battle during the red/white game, the white team was victorious (no thanks to Possum). RWC participants all agree that the Fantasy Camp is a great value; providing participants with an inside look at the football program, a rare chance to fellowship with the coaching staff, and all the red wolf sweatbands you can get on both arms. It has been proposed that the RWC make the Fantasy Camp a required event from now on. Carlos has been put in charge of endowing an RWC scholarship account that will cover the charge for everyone.