The purpose of the Rabid Wolf Club is to promote intellectually stimulating dialog between its members about ASU, ASU athletics, Local Sports, Politics, or any other subject matter that might be deemed useful and/or useless unnecessary information that members should and/or want to know.

Mission Statement

VIOLENTLY engage all challenges.





# of Members

15-19  It varies according to the mood of the Executive Council


Membership Criteria

To join, you must be invited (to join, not visit a meeting), you must be able to provide benefit to the group (cash, swag, clout, mechanic abilities (particularly for a 1965 greyhound), private jet, etc) and you must own season tickets to a non-free ASU sport.


Do you meet regularly?

Weekly, at an undisclosed location.


If I should see your bus, what should I do?

It depends… if you’re driving and it’s behind you or beside you, you should probably get out of there pretty quick. If it’s at tailgate city, come by and say hi, but don’t linger too long or we’ll turn the possum loose on you.


I like your t-shirts. Can I get some rabid merch?

Stay tuned for more information about that.