Here we are again.  College football is over.  For all of us in the RWC, some things seem eerily familiar while others turned out to be a pleasant surprise.

Things that Stayed the Same

  1. We Lost a Coach and Hired a Stellar Replacement –  Coach Harsin and the new coaching staff has the full support of the RWC and vice versa, as evidenced by their quick decision to follow the RWC on Twitter.
  2. The RWC had an Awesome Experience in Mobile – Unlike the majority of the Red Wolves’ fan base, the RWC was excited to return to the Bowl.  In fact, we liked it so much that we decided to repeat the 2012 agenda completely.  We ate at the same places, did the same activities, and performed the same roles.  The Possum played possum, Jonas played stepdaddy, and the Colonel played annoying (although we all know he wasn’t playing)
  3. Ladd Peebles Stadium is a Dump, located in the Ghetto – Maybe thinking this would be different or “not as bad as we remembered” was just wishful thinking.  There’s no way around it… that stadium is terrible.

Things That Were MUCH Better

  1. The Outcome of the Game – It would have been hard for the game to turn out worse than last year, but nonetheless, winning the bowl game makes the drive back MUCH more enjoyable.  Our team played hard until the final seconds to pull out our first bowl when since joining the FBS and our first win against a ranked opponent.
  2. Coaching Staff Consistency – This group of misfit GA’s actually showed a lot of character by sticking around to coach ASU during the bowl game.  This ALMOST makes up for the fact that they never took the Auburn stickers, magnets, and license plates off their vehicles.
  3. The Champangel – It was by mere luck a couple of our members found themselves at a certain restaurant for brunch last year. These pioneering members got to experience what would come to be known to us throughout the year as “The Mimosa Fairy.”  This year, Sunday brunch became a required activity.  Turns out, we had been referring to this heavenly being by the wrong name.  Also, turns out that this year’s Champangel was a definite upgrade from last years, but how MUCH of an upgrade is still left up to debate to be settled in the living rooms or subsequent guest bedrooms of certain members of the RWC.

Note: Due to the sensitive nature of the champangel experience by certain stakeholders in the RWC extended family, the author of this post shall remain anonymous.