The Jeremiah Johnson faction of the RWC is alive and well.  Brothers Wyoming and the Judge took young McLovin under their wing once again, and headed off to Oregon.  (Had they known of the driving skills of Danica, McLovin’s first and clearly favorite wife, they might have saved the airfare and ridden with her.  They still would have gotten there before Ringo.)  These three have shown themselves to be the most willing and likely to travel to wherever the Red Wolves happen to be going, hence the Jeremiah Johnson appellation.  While there, after provisioning themselves at Voodoo Donuts, they violently engaged both the state of Oregon and Washington from high atop a rock overlooking the mighty Columbia River, and claimed all that they could see as RWC territory, much like their adventuring forefathers, Lewis and Clark, who also took along a youngster, Sacagawea.

At various times, they banded together with brothers Wally Turbeville and Ringo, and attempted to violently engage the Duck fans that crossed their path.  That turned out to be futile, as all Duck fans seem preturnaturally friendly to the fans of opposing teams.  They all seemed genuinely happy that we were there, even the hippies in downtown Eugene, particularly the hairy-armpitted, accordian playing girl.  It was as if the knew something that we didn’t.  Turns out, as we quickly found out at the game, they did.  At least the Judge and Wyoming were able to violently engage multiple desserts at coastal diner.  As has been stated before, it is not always about the outcome of the game.  Thank goodness.