The football season is set to begin this week with the Red Wolves reporting on August 1st and actual practice beginning on the third.  I won’t to do my part by trying to introduce a new catchword.

If you follow college sports at all, especially football, you’ll hear different schools use a catch phrase or slogan.  For example Alabama has Roll Tide, Texas Hook Em’ horns, Auburn War Eagle, Ole Miss Hotty Toddy, Rutgers Keep Choppin’, and Notre Dame Play Like a Champion and so on…

Last year a group of us started using STATE! as an exclamation of our fandom.  And since we are Arkansas State, I think it’s only appropriate we use the new catchword.  So, at the end of each fight song verse, yell STATE!!  Whenever ASU does something good yell STATE!!  If you have a good meal at one of our local restaurants give the waitress and friendly STATE!!

That is all…………STATE!!