The 2012 ASU Red Wolves Football season is upon us.  Will this year be a continuation of the success we enjoyed last year or will we drop back to where we’re used toiling?

On paper, in the media, around town and everywhere in between ASU has become the talk of college football.  In the small span of about six months starting about this time last year ASU has gone from back to back 4-8 season (which I correctly picked) to last years 10-2 regular season record and undefeated in the Sunbelt Conference.  What a year!!!  For many of us this time of the year we proclaim “This is our year!”  If you’re fan of any length of time you’re probably saying “Last year was out year.”  And maybe it was, because it’s difficult to go undefeated in conference play no matter who the team is.

Now, I’m a fan who has watched a lot of ASU football over the years.  I’ve seen the eighties era Lacewell teams that were pretty good.  I’ve seen the ASU Football program close to being killed by a horrid and atrocious administration/coaching staff over a course of about 12 years. The likes of Al Kincaid, Ray Perkins, Charley Thornton, Barry Dowd, and Joe Hollis are just a few who I can remember driving ASU into a brick wall all the while me saying “This is our year!!” year in year out.  I’m not going to go into all of the various dynamics of Coach Roberts, Coach Freeze, and Coach Malzahn.  However it’s important to note Coach Roberts rebuilt the program to a certain point, Coach Freeze showed us that ASU can win, and Coach Malzahn has the reputation to make ASU relevant on a consistent basis.

I am a glass half empty kind of guy.  I know as an ASU fan what to expect on a regular basis.  Look at recent games like Troy in 2009 and WKU in 2010 where we snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.  In the past we have lost heralded ASU quarterbacks in freak accidents.  We have fired a coach in the third quarter on Thanksgiving.  Actually that was a high point…  One season we had two games scheduled on the same day.  We let a BCS school out of a home game with no buyout and the list goes on.  SO, if I’m overly cautious and somewhat pessimistic, then I’m guilty as charged.  I don’t get real excited or entirely buy into the “Next Level” war cry.  I hope I’m wrong and look up in four years and ASU is playing in a BCS Bowl.   However, I believe last year was our year and I’m so happy I got to be a part of it.