The state of Kansas.  There is absolutely nothing in Kansas, nothing.  Its a flat wasteland of emptiness that’s only suitable for the filming of another Mad Max movie.  I’m pretty sure that Kansas was used as the location for for the hoax of the Apollo 11 landing.

I think the U.S. Government should turn Kansas into a federal penitentiary.  There was a movie is 1981 called Escape from New York.  The movie plot was that crime had reached an increase of 400% so they turned Manhattan into a federal prison.  What a great idea!!!  Turn Kansas into a federal prison and let all of the murderers, drug addicts, rapists, and other degenerates run amok.  They’ll eventually kill each other and if not you just send some F-16′s over ever once in a while to cull the herd.

A close second to Kansas in the wasteland category is Oklahoma.  For fun you could make the south wall of the Kansas Federal Prison less stable so they could escape from Kansas only to find the dirt ridden Oklahoma.  The only thing good about Oklahoma is that it would be a suitable location for for the UofA to relocate.