I have slacked considerably on my rants in the past few months.  I’m sorry and will try to do better.

I understand the school on the other side of the Natural State has announced a new alternate jersey for the upcoming football season.  The third jersey uniform will be black, or charcoal as I think it’s officially referred (so as to not completely rip off ASU).  Hmmmm, isn’t the Arkansas State University Red Wolves official colors scarlet (red) and black?  I believe that has been the official color of ASU since 1909. 

Now if the University of Head Cheese had wished to use black in their color scheme then the school should have done so when they established themselves in the late 1800′s before ASU.  I don’t get it, the U of HC hates ASU, so why would they want to use our colors?  The answer is simple and right in front of us.  Since ASU has become a Coca Cola campus the U of HC has dropped Coke and signed with Pepsi.  In a defiant act the U of HC basically said if ASU is going be a Coca Cola campus we can’t we will steal one their base colors in protest.

I personally think the U of HC looks good in prison orange.