I have asked the great and wise O’Possum to post a rant and he has obliged.  Being a resident of the real Washington and not the D.C. version I thought this topic needed to be addressed.

Have you ever wondered what an $18 million bridge looks like?  Well if you reside in northeast Arkansas you can not only see one but you can also drive over it as well.  It’s named the Marion Berry Overpass and it’s properly named because the overpass/bridge is about as useless as he was as a congressman. 

As you travel north down Caraway one will notice that you can’t get to ASU any longer by going over the railroad tracks.  Instead you must turn left and travel a little ways then take a right to the bridge to nowhere.  You may be asking why is I am referring to it as a bridge to nowhere.  Well, BECAUSE THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT IT IS!!!! (in my Lewis Black voice).  You cannot access the east side of the campus by way of this bridge without going all the way to Johnson and head towards University Loop.  $18 million dollars!!!  I can just see Dr. Evil saying that.

I’m convinced that if ASU, the railroads, the state of Arkansas, and the United States government could not figure out a way to build the the overpass/bridge starting at Caraway with access to the east and west parts of the campus, then they should’ve left it alone altogether.  ASU could have used that $18 million to put together one hell of a NASCAR team.  Just imagine a NASCAR decked out in Red Wolves.  The hauler could come from ASU-Newport.  That’s a better use of $18 million dollars.

C’mon man!!