I have been scolded, admonished, jeered, and taunted for not going to the GoDaddy.com Bowl.  I want to address the reasons I didn’t go to the bowl which then will lead to the title of the rant.

When it was first announced that ASU would attend the GoDaddy Bowl it was doubtful I would get to go because of the date of the game.  You see, I have had a trip planned to the “happiest place on earth” before football season even kicked off.  It’s hard to swing four days at a bowl game then leave two days later unless your independently wealthy.  So when discussions began it was first decided that it would be a guys only trip which then morphed into everyone taking taking their families.  Plan B was to travel with three other guys who then backed out on me at Christmas.

Now to the real story.  I had kept hopes of attending the GoDaddy Bowl alive trying to find someone who wanted to leave on Sunday morning and either return after the game or spend one night in a hotel.  This is where it gets interesting.  Hootie, who I stood up for to bring into the RWC, said he wanted to go so we both started trying to find others to offset the cost.  At the end of Friday afternoon we were both dead in the water……..NOT GOING……….going to stay home and watch it on ESPN.  At 7:30 Saturday morning I get a text from Hootie saying his buddy called him at 12:30 a.m. wanting to go and that they were on the road to Mobile.  REALLY????  Where was my invite?  He didn’t call or text to see if I wanted to go.  Here’s a guy that I’ve helped out on numerous occasions, even offered him tickets to a see the Georgia Bulldogs who claims allegiance to and I don’t go invited on the trip?  WTF?? 

Well I know the real reason I didn’t get invite and it’s not upper echelon.  I’ll remember this one for a long time.