stAte!!  Congratulations to the ASU RedWolves on what is in effect an UNDEFEATED season!  (The Rabid Wolf Club does not count money games, unless we win).  As the picture shows, the RWC supports the RedWolves 100%.  stAte  Even the lunch buddies were out last Saturday to watch the RedWolves rebuke the Troy Trojans.  stAte  The turf at ASU Stadium should be pregnant the way the RedWolves poked holes in the fighting condoms.  The Rabid Wolf Club finally recieved our due (about stAte time too) when the RWC was named “Tailgate of the Year” for the 2011 season.  stAte

While the RedWolves prepare to neuter the Northern Illinios Huskies, (thanks to Coaches Gunn, Siskey (SiskArmy) Heard, Hiller, Batoon and their guys) the RWC is in preparation for it’s all-out assault on Mobile.  Who knows, the legendary PAIN TRAIN may even violently engage the Mardi Gras parade.  stAte

GoDaddy Bowl.  Everyone knows that a huskie has no chance against a RABID pack of RedWolves.  stAte

Eleven wins in one season.  Believe it.  Say it again.  Eleven wins in one season.   Can a brother get a stAte?     stAte!!