This RANT will go on the front page because I want all visitors, from the United States to Russia, to read this and wise up.

Saturday November 12, 2011 is a historical day for the Red Wolves Football Program.  All coaches, players, fans, supporters, alumni, and even haters will remember this date as the day ASU moved its football program to the next level. OR, it’ll be remembered as a game of coulda, woulda, and shoulda’s. 

The coaches and players will be ready and it’s time that the alumni, students, fans, and supporters do our part to help the program move forward.  We can do this simply by going to the game and supporting the Red Wolves by cheering, screaming, yelling and etc.. so as to make ASU Stadium a hostile environment for the University of Southwest Louisiana at Lafayette or whatever they’re called this decade. 

Although people will make excuses there is no excuse to not go out and support the team.   Deer hunters.  Get up early, kill something, grab a buddy a get your arse to the game.  The weather can’t be used as an excuse.  The forecast is for sunny and 65 degrees.  That’s great weather anytime of the year but especially mid-November.  The team is winning with a record of 7-2 and 5-0 in the conference so the excuse of the team is bad is not the case

Imagine what Jonesboro would be like if there were no ASU.  Take a look at Blytheville after they lost the Air Force base and then passed on FedEx moving into said Air Force Base.  Game-day brings visitors into the city who spend money on merchandise, hotels, gas, restaurants and shopping.

It’s time for everyone to wake their arses up and realize that something special is happening this year with ASU Football.  Get RABID and get to the stadium to support these players and coaches.