It’s been a while since I’ve ranted, and though I ‘ve had plenty to rant about my doctor instructed me to take a break because of droppy face.  I have been under doctor’s orders to not get too wound up for the past three weeks but I just can’t take it any longer.

The Rabid Wolf Club has violently engaged tailgating for sometime now and yet year after year and game after game we get snubbed from being the tailgate of the game.  WHY, you may ask?  Because we don’t cow down to corporate extortionist.  I’m pretty sure that as a collective group we give more to the university than a bunch of one-time tailgaters who have someone bring in their food and give away general admission tickets in their candy stripped tents. 

The RWC respectively asks that the dirty dog who is responsible for choosing the winners take a close look at our group because we represent the true embodiment of tailgating.