A small contingent of the RWC traveled to Monroe, LA. to watch the Red Wolves take on the War Hawks this past Saturday.  The 6:00 kick made it a long day of driving through some of the most desolate, forsaken land I’ve ever seen.

The group consisted of Possum, Mighty Mouth, a rushee, McLovin’, who drove his tank into lands that only looked habitable for deer & Sasquatches.  We also met Lil’ Dwight who we’re looking into possibly starting another satellite chapter.  Once we got into Louisiana the only thing we saw on the way to the stadium were drive thru daiquiri shops on every corner.  Louisiana should changes it’s license plate slogan to the “Daiquiri State”

Malone Stadium, what can I say?  What a dump.  Only the former Fouts Field at North Texas State was a bigger crap hole.  The home side soars to creepy heights.  It’s hard to describe how out of proportion it is, especially compared to the student side.  Speaking of the student side ULM has five FEMA trailers on stilts, painted gold they use as luxury boxes.  Of course in Louisiana I’m sure it is a luxury.  Check out the pictures.  If you look closely at the picture on the right you can see the luxury boxes.

We were heckled by several students who called us a variety of names.  McLovin’ was singled out for wearing Crocs (that was actually kind of funny).  As ASU made the come back most of the hecklers started to leave but there were a few left.  We told them all about it as the clock hit 0:00 and not even the crappy Sunbelt refs could the Red Wolves down, even though they tried with 13 penalties for 130 yards.  I personally have seen two road wins in a row and up until last week I had never seen a road victory.  With only two road games left our schedule sets up nicely although we have four tough teams to play.

The next RWC outing is an all day tailgating event on Tuesday October, 18th when the Red Wolves take on FIU for an ESPN2 broadcast.  Stay RABID my friends.