I don’t know if anyone else noticed the idiot on page B3 of our local fish wrapper/bird cage liner.  Page B3 consisted of a number of pictures taken at the Homecoming tailgate.  I am overlooking the fact that they didn’t take any of the clearly the best tailgate out there, the Pain Train led Rabid Wolf Tailgate.  No, they didn’t get a picture of us, but they did manage to include a picture of a MORON wearing a hog shirt!  Thank you Saundra Sovick, or should that be Sandra Soviet, you commie pinko!  Why?  Why must you include a picture of this idiot?  Were there just not enough people wearing Red Wolf apparel?   Even Token, our own pig-loving lunch buddie would never stoop so low as to wear his hog gear to an ASU tailgate.  And where was the sports editor, Kevin Turbeville?  Clearly asleep at the wheel, or is there something more sinister going on?  There have always been imbecile, wanna-be pigs wearing the colors at every game.   I know that a few of us have invited them to move on to the northwest Arkansas outpost if they love it so much.  And I salute Pledge Hootie Robinson for somewhat violently engaging one of MCLOVIN’S friends who dared to wear an Arkansas hat into our taligate, while the rest of us stood around, probably because he could have kicked our collective behinds.  Matthew V finally came around.  Maybe it is time for Carlos to earn his stripes by calling his good buddy Musso, as the Captain refers to him.  Or maybe it is time to sic’ the Possum on Saundra or Kevin.  I belive he has been poked.