Pig-ware wearing morons
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I don’t know if anyone else noticed the idiot on page B3 of our local fish wrapper/bird cage liner.  Page B3 consisted of a number of pictures taken at the Homecoming tailgate.  I am overlooking the fact that they didn’t take any of the clearly the best tailgate out there, the Pain Train led Rabid Wolf Tailgate.  No, they didn’t get a picture of us, but they did manage to include a picture of a MORON wearing a hog shirt!  Thank you Saundra Sovick, or should that be Sandra Soviet, you commie pinko!  Why?  Why must you include a picture of this idiot?  Were there just not enough people wearing Red Wolf apparel?   Even Token, our own pig-loving lunch buddie would never stoop so low as to wear his hog gear to an ASU tailgate.  And where was the sports editor, Kevin Turbeville?  Clearly asleep at the wheel, or is there something more sinister going on?  There have always been imbecile, wanna-be pigs wearing the colors at every game.   I know that a few of us have invited them to move on to the northwest Arkansas outpost if they love it so much.  And I salute Pledge Hootie Robinson for somewhat violently engaging one of MCLOVIN’S friends who dared to wear an Arkansas hat into our taligate, while the rest of us stood around, probably because he could have kicked our collective behinds.  Matthew V finally came around.  Maybe it is time for Carlos to earn his stripes by calling his good buddy Musso, as the Captain refers to him.  Or maybe it is time to sic’ the Possum on Saundra or Kevin.  I belive he has been poked.

Rabid Wolf Co-Athletes of the Month
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Congratulations to Kaily Nix and Taylor Zane, the Rabid Wolf Club Co-Athletes of the Month.  As most viewers know, the RWC is not an ELE (everybody love everybody) organization.  That is why we don’t have an athlete of the month every month.  In fact, we haven’t had one in almost 2 years.  That being said, Rabid Wolf pups Kaily “Serve” Nix and Taylor “Volley” Zane are so honored for their violent engagement of all opponents in the 6A East conference regular season and tournament, and 6A state tournament.   The JONESBORO High School doubles pair won their second individual state championship, and helped their team to a sixth straight state championship.   (Aside:  This proves that urban, inner-city school children can be successful without the benefit of going to a public/private, apple chasing, teach to the test, tractor driving, jug-band playing rich kids school)  The pair showed no mercy as they ran through the conference regular season, tournament, and state tournament without surrendering more than 2 games to any opponent in any set.   In fact, the Searcy team, after being dinged numerous times at the net by “Headhunter” Zane during the conference final, hardly ventured inside the baseline during the state final, prefering stay back and hit deep to “Run Everything Down” Nix, a strategy which also proved futile.  When asked what they were going to do to celebrate, the pair, (with apologies to Pimp Daddy) said that they were NOT going to Disneyworld, but were going to change their names to Kaily “Hot Shot” Nix and Taylor “Cool Block” Zane and prepare to transfer their aggression to the soccer pitch in the spring

RWC Travels To Monroe
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A small contingent of the RWC traveled to Monroe, LA. to watch the Red Wolves take on the War Hawks this past Saturday.  The 6:00 kick made it a long day of driving through some of the most desolate, forsaken land I’ve ever seen.

The group consisted of Possum, Mighty Mouth, a rushee, McLovin’, who drove his tank into lands that only looked habitable for deer & Sasquatches.  We also met Lil’ Dwight who we’re looking into possibly starting another satellite chapter.  Once we got into Louisiana the only thing we saw on the way to the stadium were drive thru daiquiri shops on every corner.  Louisiana should changes it’s license plate slogan to the “Daiquiri State”

Malone Stadium, what can I say?  What a dump.  Only the former Fouts Field at North Texas State was a bigger crap hole.  The home side soars to creepy heights.  It’s hard to describe how out of proportion it is, especially compared to the student side.  Speaking of the student side ULM has five FEMA trailers on stilts, painted gold they use as luxury boxes.  Of course in Louisiana I’m sure it is a luxury.  Check out the pictures.  If you look closely at the picture on the right you can see the luxury boxes.

We were heckled by several students who called us a variety of names.  McLovin’ was singled out for wearing Crocs (that was actually kind of funny).  As ASU made the come back most of the hecklers started to leave but there were a few left.  We told them all about it as the clock hit 0:00 and not even the crappy Sunbelt refs could the Red Wolves down, even though they tried with 13 penalties for 130 yards.  I personally have seen two road wins in a row and up until last week I had never seen a road victory.  With only two road games left our schedule sets up nicely although we have four tough teams to play.

The next RWC outing is an all day tailgating event on Tuesday October, 18th when the Red Wolves take on FIU for an ESPN2 broadcast.  Stay RABID my friends.

RWC Violently Engages WKU
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Members of the Rabid Wolf Club traveled to Bowling Green, Ken-Tuck-eee to watch the Red Wolves open their Sunbelt play against the Hilltoppers of WKU.

As with most trips, it was the core group who made the trip which included the Captain, the Judge, Wyoming, Possum, and Jonas.  As usual Flanders refused to go, and instead guarded the Searcy city limits in fear the town would turn Baptist during the 17 hours we were away from northeast Arkansas.  McLovin’ attended his wife’s high school reunion because he was fearful that she would wise up and find a replacement if he went to the game.  No one invited Carlos and Hootie has still yet to figure out what the term pledge means.

It was an nice a trip to the moonshine state.  We were zero for two in the food stop department. On the way there we stopped at a little hole in wall that reminded me of a scene from the show Justified and on the way back we dined at the lovely Ponderosa in Central City somewhere.  As we drove into Bowling Green it reminded me of Gee Street back in Jonesboro.

The game, as most people should know, was a back and forth game with the Red Wolves pulling out a come from behind victory in the last two minutes of the game and no time outs.  In previous years the Red Wolves would have found a way to lose a game like that but this year they fought through the adversity of no rushing game and found a way to win.  We even saw Dwayne Frampton come alive, old cliche’ now, and run the Rabid Wolf Formation.  WKU has a nice little stadium but I’ve seen more fans at a Nettleton/Trumann game.  I know Western is down but for a beautiful fall day they should’ve had more fans there.

We were also honored to see the Western Kentucky Homecoming court pictured below.







The person with the T on their chest taunted Wyoming several times during the game but Wyoming got the last laugh after ASU scored the go ahead touchdown.  With :46 seconds left Wyoming ran down and told the girl, “WE ARE. A-STATE!!” or something along those lines.

All in all it was good trip and as far as I can remember it was the first time I have witnessed a road victory which made for an enjoyable trip back home.