RANT #29 – Souvenir Cups
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One of the things I enjoy when attending sporting events is the the souvenir cup.  It’s a great memento from the game that has the home teams logo or schedule on the side along with a corporate sponsor.  The cup usually holds anywhere from 20 – 32 ounces of premium beverage that can be taken home and used again.

Arkansas State University used to serve beverages in the souvenir cup back in the day and I believe the last time I remember seeing one was in the late eighties.  If I remember correctly it was a great cup with Running Joe on the side. 

My question is why can’t  ASU use the souvenir cups again?  They are still used at other major schools, are very popular, and I’m sure they’re quite profitable.  A 22 ounce drink has about 50 cents of soda and ice in it and the cup probably costs 25 cents.  At $5.00 a pop they are making a $4.25 profit.  I can’t believe ASU is not all over this?  Get a corporate sponsor to pay for them and it becomes all profit.

With the Red Wolves mascot being one of the best things ASU has ever done I’m confident that they could design a really nice cup.  C’mon ASU, let’s bring back the souvenir cups.


RANT #28 – Hootie
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Well, well, well….Hootie is brought in to the RWC and in less than the week he has managed to garner a RANT.

A little background on Hootie.  He was born in Atlanta Georgia and moved to Jonesboro in the eighth grade and went on to graduate from Jonesboro High School and Arkansas State University. 

My rant focuses on Hootie’s claim to be a fan of the Georgia Bulldogs.  I asked him how and why he pulls for Georgia when he graduated from ASU?  His response is that he was born in Georgia.  I assimilate his analogy to that of your typical swine fan who claims that you have to pull for the pigs just because you are from Arkansas.  I told Hootie you put your blood, sweat, tears, and fandom into the school where you earned a degree.  Basically Hootie couldn’t get into Georgia so he went to ASU and just like other lil’ piggies, couldn’t go wah, wah, wah all the way home.  Instead of putting ASU number one he sold his soul and has joined the legion of Walmart zombies.

I’m reaching out to the Captain, his sponsor, to talk some sense into him.  The first step to on the road to recovery is acknowledging that you have a problem.  Disce Aut Discede.


RANT #27 – Tailgate City
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The tailgating area at Arkansas State is wonderful place with plenty of space neighboring ASU Stadium, the Pavilion, & the CAC.  All of which border the Pavilion Lake.  This wonderful area has been labeled with a terrible name though.  Tailgate City.

The first thing that comes to mind when I hear Tailgate City is a third rate, tailgate discount store located down on the west end of Summer Avenue in Memphis.  I picture an ordinary, bland, store front painted in yellow with cheap banner flags partially hanging from the roof and a big sign that proclaims…EVERYTHING 75% OFF.  You know, like the Halloween discount superstore that comes around every September.  In the store I imagine rows of spatulas, tongs, grills made in in a third world country, fold out chairs, coolers and so on.  What I don’t picture is a cheerful area bustling with tailgaters.  What Tailgate City describes to me is a forced, corporate, tailgate area filled with bland cookie cutter tents that resemble a housing development.

Why do we have to name it at all?  Can’t we just say come on out and tailgate?  In fact, in doing a little research I didn’t find but one school who has a named, designated area to tailgate in and that was Ole Miss and they have two, The Grove and The Circle.  Tennessee has the Vol Navy but you have to own a boat to get in on that gig. 

If our tailgate area must be named, can we not name it something more appealing or something that has relevance to our mascot, the Red Wolves?  How about The Lair or The Wolves Den.   For obvious reason we can’t use the Wolf’s Lair.   Now we do have an area that has been referred to for 20 plus years as The Pines on the east side of the Stadium.  That makes sense.  It’s an area covered with pine tress.

All I’m asking is please stop trying to invent or force a tradition.  Tailgate City doesn’t work and we’re not in the movie Old School where Vince Vaughn owns Speaker City.  C’mom man, we’re better than that. 


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The Divorced Wives Club (DWC) had it’s beginnings in Mt. Pilot.


Baltensperger Pledge Class
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The Rabid Wolf Club would like to announce (not proudly) their newest pledges. 

Each pledge class is given a name using a letter from the alphabet.  We started with Arauco in 2007 and we are now on the letter B after Mc’Lovin and Jonas finally were initiated after four years of serving as pledges.  Since there is no set time table for pledge-ship, most of our membership will likely never see the F pledge class.

The newest members of the Baltenspeger pledge class are Wally Turbeville and Hootie Robinson.  Much like Alcoholics Anonymous, each pledge is required to have a sponsor.  It is the sponsor’s job to keep their pledge in line and make sure that the pledge carries out their duties in a proficient manner.

Wally is sponsored by the Wyoming.  Wally has the voice of a movie star and a face for print media.  It is under Wyoming’s guidance that Wally will carry out his duties that will move him closer to membership.  Hootie is sponsored by the Captain.  The Captain’s trust is tough to gain but Hootie has made quite the impression on the Captain.  Hootie has a tough row to hoe but looks to be up for the challenge.

Congratulations to the Baltensperger pledge class.

Rabid Wolf Club Becomes BONA FIDE
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Established in 2007 as “A new breed of ASU supporters”, the Rabid Wolf Club has finally become bona fide thanks to the good folks at Arkansas 360.  We have recently been profiled by their website and thankfully not profiled by the FBI.  You can check out the article here… http://www.arkansassports360.com/26792/rabid-wolf-club-at-asu-awaits-uca-invasion.

 We are prepared and ready to violently engage anyone from another fan base who dares approach the Pain Train.  We look forward to meeting all of our fans during the tailgates this season.  To quote the great General George S. Patton…

A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week.

Stay RABID my friends!

Wolves vs Bears
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Well it that time again… the wolves are at home against the bears (this is not the little brown bears that got spanked by vandy last weekend) but the UCA Bears. It is shaping up to be a great evening for the game of football….. cool, clear weather, home game, in-state teams and of course the mighty RED WOLVES. RWC will be out in force for tail gateing and some serious trash talking on them bears or any other team that is not in favor with the RWC…….. the little pigletts GO TIDE. Be there catch all the action at tent city then strole over to the game and support the RED WOLVES.

RANT #26 or #23 – Part II – Merging
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It’s not a difficult concept to understand.

  1. Pull onto the merging lane/ramp.
  2. Turn signal indicator on.
  3. Accelerate, accelerate, accelerate until you reach the speed of the cars you’re about to merge with.
  4. Merge.

It’s simple. There is no reason to slow down.  Furthermore, if you’re on the highway where merging traffic is entering, move to the left hand lane so that the merging cars can safely enter the traffic flow.

It baffles me the number of idiot DF’s out there who can’t grasp this simple task.  If I were a cop I would sit at these intersections and  hand out tickets like earplugs at a Dave Matthews concert.


RANT #25 – American Hikers in Iran
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This will be pretty short.

There are many people who like to stay fit through the sport of Hiking.  The United States is a great country with ample places to hike so why do these three Americans feel the need to hike in the middle east?  They let one go and the others look to be let go soon only after spending over two years in prison.

Bottom line is if you want to hike, do it in your own country and don’t try it in an area that has been in turmoil forever.

There Will Be Blood…TIGER BLOOD That is!!
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Before I author this piece I want provide the disclaimer and be upfront that I was not at the game Saturday because I was at another school, and NO not THAT school, supporting my daughter.

Although I was not there is person I had several people texting me with updates.  I was however fortunate to to catch most of the second half on the radio while listening to the Memphis broadcast.  When I say fortunate I mean that I was truly privileged to hear the Memphis crew as the Tigers were skinned one play at a time.  DOOM and GLOOM!!  Wow is all I can say in regard to the ASU beat down and bloodletting of the University of Memphis State University Tiggers.  On Sunday I watched the replay and it was everything I had hoped for.  I was like Christmas morning 1974 when I opened up my number one present, the G.I. Joe with kung fu grip along with Sea Wolf Submarine.  Josh Jarboe acting ham on the Tiger secondary, Ryan Aplin being almost perfect, Frankie Jackson’s breakout night, Bobby Zalud kicking a 56 yarder, the two’s and three’s getting valuable playing time.  The only regret was that we didn’t try to score 100 points.  Here are a few stats for the good guys that really stand out.

  • First Downs – 28
  • Total Offense – 611 yards
  • Punts – Two for 90 yards
  • Total offense allowed – 169 yards
  • Booby Zalud with a 56 yard FG

Memphis could not channel their inner Charlie Sheen and fight with his brand of tiger blood, instead the the Red Wolves took the Tigers to the slaughter house skinned them alive, tailored a coat out of it, and made them wear it home.  On a night with a full moon, the Red Wolves executed one HOWL of a game plan. 

All week long I heard on Memphis talk radio how it was beneath the UOMSU to play ASU and they shouldn’t be playing a Sun Belt team.  How you like us now?  If you want to revel in the Tigers misery and enjoy some really good reading take a look here.  http://ncaabbs.com/forumdisplay.php?fid=499  This is the Memphis message board and there is something for everyone.  There are threads saying they should’ve hired Coach Freeze two years ago, that the university president and A.D. should be fired, that Memphis should drop football altogether. It really is great entertainment.  My wish is that Ole Miss and Memphis part ways with their respective head coaches and that Houston Dale Nutt ends up at Memphis.  Now THAT would be great.  It would hard to decimate a program any further than Memphis is already but if anyone can do it, it’s HDN.

As I made my way back to Jonesboro Saturday night there was a small but steady stream of cars heading in the opposite direction, no doubt they were Memphis fans making their way back from the game.  All I could think about was that I bet the Memphis Fire Department had busy night trying to talk people down and off of the Memphis bridges because they just couldn’t take losing to lowly Arkansas State….Maybe Memphis fans need to look in the mirror and ask themselves why did we hire a guy with zero head coaching or coordinator experience who has no public speaking skills.  I don’t know the answer and I really don’t care but I think it…is…AWESOME.