RANT #06: Confronting Stupidity
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I feel as if I received a clear calling from God this morning at church.  It has made me question myself and society in ways I’ve never considered before.  That calling was: “If you don’t confront stupid people, how will they ever learn proper, acceptable behavior?”  Immediately after this epiphany, I was given the opportunity to put this new lifestyle in to practice.

First of all, how I came to this point.  My association with the Anger Task Force has opened my eyes to the plethora of morons in the world.  For example, yesterday I went to a local restaurant for dinner with my wife.  The restaurant was moderately busy, no wait, but with a steady stream of people coming in.  My wife and I were 2nd to be seated by the hostess, who was in process of having the couple in front of us sign in (see RANT 6A).  That’s when this stupid person at the salad bar stepped in.  This redneck lady walked up to the hostess and decided to play a game of 20 questions about the ingredients in the fruit salad mixture on the salad bar, causing the hostess to stop everything to try to answer her questions, or find someone who could.  It makes me want to scream, “Hey redneck idiot lady, never mind the 8 of us now waiting to be seated.  Nobody move until we find out if that’s sour cream or mayonaise in the fruit salad.  Also, lets be sure to ask the hostess, who probably knows less about the ingredients of the food than anyone else in the restaurant.  Here’s a crazy thought, just get some of it and taste it… or here’s another thought.  Don’t get it!  It’s not like you have any room for it on your plate anyways with all of that cubed ham and shredded cheese.”

Back to the idiot in church.  This morning, just as the preacher gets up to start his sermon, this lady decided that she wanted a cup of coffee. I think we’ve all probably wanted something similar in church at one point or another, but common decency and intelligence keeps us in our seats.  Besides, the sermon only lasts about 20 minutes and then we are free to go about our business.  Not this lady, she decides that she is going to send her 13-15yr old grandson to get her a cup of coffee from the complementary coffee station set up on the other side of the room.  Not only that, she sends him across the front of the room, right in front of the stage.  First of all, this kid has no idea how to use the coffee pot.  This is obvious by the 8 TRIPS it takes him to finish the task.  The 500 of us who are trying to pay attention have no choice but to watch this kid in his bright orange t-shirt walk back and forth in front of us.  I had made up my mind that I was going to approach this lady after church to ask if the coffee was good enough to justify the distraction of 500 people and a self admitted ADD preacher, but my wife had other plans.  I tried to argue that without someone confronting this lady about her stupidity, how would she ever learn what she did wrong in that scenario, so I resolved to rant about it here.

RANT 6A - Why do restaurants make you sign in?  It’s retarded and no one cares or even checks that you are or aren’t a member.  I usually write a movie star or other famous person’s name.

RANT 6B - Why does KAIT8.com still have annoying popup ads.  Do they have any idea how annoying it is for that shit to popup behind the screen.  The 49 cents a month they get from click referrals is not worth the anger they cause for their web visitors.  Thanks good neighbor!

The Rabidness is Spreading (updated 08/01)
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The buzz sounding the upcoming football season as at an all-time high.  The same can be said for the Rabid Wolf Club.  Web traffic is up 1,115.79% 1,470.59% for the month of July.  I thought I would take a few minutes share a few site statistics with the group.

In the month of July, we had 231 267 unique visits
The average time a user spends on the site is nearly 9 minutes
The bounce rate is only 41% (people who don’t click internal links)
Traffic sources: 67% direct, 22% referring sites, 11% search engines
Top visitor countries are US, Brazil, India, and the UK
Top visitor US states are AR, TX, MS, and FL

We’ve made several improvements to the site during the last few months too.  Some of these include member/nonmember short scripts, pain train bio, ATF resurrection, twitter feed, and the visitor map.  Lets build on the momentum as we continue to violently engage all challenges.

RANT #05: Cajun, Musicical Idiot Savant
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Today’s rant will focus on the musical incompetence of Jonas.  Here is a young man who has the music IQ of Mississippi mud, who doesn’t understand what music is all about, who basically has no musical soul.  Big Nasty once told me he doesn’t trust anyone who doesn’t listen to music referring to a common friend who would turn off the radio when they got into his car.  Not only does Jonas have ZERO musical background he’s never attended a concert unless you count him seeing Vanilla Ice in a club outside of  Abita Springs.

I mean, COME ON!!!  Until recently he’s never heard of Van Halen, the Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin, or the various other staples of rock that I like to refer to as top 40 foundations.  I tried to get him to go to a Foo Fighters concert recently and you could see the fear in his eyes and the questions he wanted to ask, “Large crowds?, loud music?, crazy people?”  It was as if I asked him to make seafood gumbo without shrimp.  If he had the choice of blind or deaf he would most certainly choose deaf because he would never miss what he doesn’t know or understand.  #atf

Rabid Wolf Swill
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During our weekly meeting (which is by invite only) we were discussing different ideas for the upcoming football season.  Pimp Daddy, being the astute wise one he is, suggested the Rabid Wolf Club formulate a signature drink that would truly represent our mission statement of Violently Engaging all Challenges.  A couple of the naming suggestions were briefly debated for the new cocktail, Rabid Throat Punch and the Rabid Wolf Martini.  While these are truly in the spirit of the RWC we thought a contest might be more suitable.

We are asking for input from our rabid followers.  Please submit your drink name and recipe.  The winning submission will receive an honorary pledge card and second place will receive half a bag of leftover Tostitos from last years tailgate.

To submit your idea for this rabid concoction, members should use the comment feature below and rabid guests should use our contact us page.

RANT #04: Home Owners Associations
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I received a letter from my HOA stating I haven’t paid my $35 for the year.  This is an issue that really pokes the Possum.  They use the $35 for upkeep of the front entrance to my neighborhood and I use the back entrance to get to a from home everyday.  This is the letter I sent to HOA President.

I have yet to pay the HOA fee because I don’t see the worth in it for me. 

I, along with several others who use the back entrance of XXXXXXXXXXX, believe that some sort of entrance should be built in the back of the neighborhood.  You and I discussed this point over the phone a couple of years ago and you told me that you would look into this issue and get back with me but I have yet to be contacted. 

I will send my check in , however I’m certain that I have a better chance of getting something out of my $35 if I threw the cash out of my window as I drive down the bypass rather than giving it to the HOA.  It’s difficult for me to believe that it takes around $1,500 to maintain the front entrance. 

I am going to look into the legality if this HOA because I have lived in XXXXXXX for 10 years and the HOA was started just three years ago and I don’t understand how you can just start asking for money seven years after I have established residence.  You can expect a letter similar to this every year that my issue isn’t addressed. 




After receiving my letter the HOA President called me and I told him I would be sending a letter every year to complain about this matter.

#eatit  #atf

Rant #03: McLovin’
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McLovin’ has been screwing with the site postponing my anger laced rants for several days.  So if you see McLovin out during the day (which is rare since the only light he receives is the dim glow of a computer screen or TV) give him a throat punch and tell him you want more anger from the Possum…..#atf

RANT #02: Sam’s Club
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I went to Sam’s Club to pick up a few items.  To be precise I purchased five, or so I thought.  As I tried to exit Sam’s the door SS guard went to count my items and she tells me that I was only charged for four.  Well I considered going back but noticed that out of the 20 lanes Sam’s offers, only four were open and they were stacked three people deep.  Soooo, I threw my item on the floor and departed.  I mean, really?  The cashier can’t scan five items?  #atf #fml

RANT 2A - Why do you have to show your Sam’s card when you go in?  You have to have it to check out so what’s the point?  #atf

UPDATE – August 28, 2011.  I asked the greeter as I walked in “Why do I have to show my card if I have to hand it to the cashier when checking out?”  He replied…”I have no idea”

Sun Belt Preseason Coaches Poll
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Yesterday, the Sun Belt Conference released its preseason coaches poll. Here are the results and number of first place votes:

1.  Florida International (5)
2.  Troy (2)
T3. Middle Tennessee State
T3. UL Monroe
5. Arkansas State (1)
6. North Texas
7. Western Kentucky (1)
8. UL Lafayette
9. Florida Atlantic

As far as the preseason rankings go, even the most rabid of fans can’t argue with these rankings. FIU is defending champion and put on quite a show in their victory over Toledo in the Little Caesars Pizza Bowl. Troy is a perennial Sun Belt champion. Since 2006, Troy has either finished 1st or 2nd in the conference. The part that bothers me is the how these rankings are determined and what they supposedly mean.

First, the process. I don’t think that coaches should be allowed to vote for their own team. As a player in the Sun Belt, I would expect my coach to think that our team had the potential to win the conference year in and year out. Coach Freeze (who was the only 1st place vote for ASU) said that he just wouldn’t be able to look his players in the eye had he voted for another school to finish first in the league. It was the first time in over 3 years that ASU has received a first place vote from any coach. WKU’s coach, Willie Taggert, also voted for for his team to finish first.

Second, the meaning. What exactly do these rankings mean? Are they the meant to rate the teams before the season starts, or are they a preliminary guess at how they will finish? Personally, I don’t think they accurately accomplish either. The FIU team from last year proves that. They were picked to finish 6th last year.

I think it just boils down to the fact that the preseason coaches poll gets football talk started. In less than 24 hours from the release of the rankings, there are over 100 news hits on Google. Heck, it even has me blogging. Football season can’t get here soon enough. Go Red Wolves!

RWC Trivia Time: Rabid Carlos
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Coming Soon to ASU Stadium
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The Rabid Wolf Formation

The Rabid Wolf Club is proud to declare that the Rabid Wolf Formation™ (RWF) is the official name for the ASU version of the “wildcat” formation.  The RWF has been a initiative of the Rabid Wolf Club ever since the first WR lined up behind center at ASU Stadium.

You can’t argue the logical progression.  Wildcat -> Wildwolf -> RABID WOLF.

ASU Head Football Coach, Hugh Freeze, and Matt Stolz, play-by-play man for 107.9 KFIN, have been given the exclusive rights by the RWC to use our sacred namesake for this formation in return for future, possible honorary membership status.

The RWC is excited about this new partnership and looks forward to miles of positive yardage for the Red Wolves and increased exposure for the most rabid ASU fanatics.

Go Red Wolves!