For my inaugural post I will discuss an incident that occurred during the last RWC road trip. The trip to the UALR game was made by four members, two associate members (key figures), a pledge, & guest. One of the higher ranking members had passes to a suite which was owned by a well known cellular provider. To keep the story short, I work for a institution who has cellular service with another company & I was told I could not visit the suite because of this even though MY cellular service is through my wife’s company & had no bearing on this event. So, the pledge & myself were relegated to the commoner areas which were fine.

Even though I was slightly upset I became nauseated as I watched the two associate members stuffing their faces with free food & beer during he course of the game & then anger ensued as I began to wonder WHY? Why do these humps get preferential treatment? There is a reason that they are associates & thus should not be receiving the finer perks of RWC membership. Then the answer hit me. Collusion!!! There are about four to five participants in the RWC who watch out for each other no matter how the pecking order falls & laughs in the face of membership hierarchy. These are the same associates who have never purchased a season ticket nor an individual ticket to an ASU event, They continually burn up the phones looking for freebies & hand me outs which are always given to them with no repercussions.

I will end my rant for the day but I’m sure you see how it works. A special thanks to those who continually support Possum & my fight for truth. As for the types of comments I make, Sometimes I just get carried away with my own eloquence.

Stay tuned for more.