The RWC is proud to bestow our first “Rabid Athlete of the Month” award to Amy Bowman.

Amy was selected for this prestigious award because of her representation of the RWC mission statement to violently engage all challenges in her performance at this weekend’s SunBelt Track and Field Championship.  Here is a clip about Amy’s performance from

bowmanArkansas State senior Amy Bowman scored the most points of any competitor in the field en route to winning the women’s pentathlon while also placing third in the women’s 55 meter hurdles with a time of 8.05.

“Amy had a great weekend. Every once and a while you get that fifth year senior who really understands that this is their last time to get to do this at the conference meet and she left it all on the line,” added Badeaux. “She was actually not in first place going into the 800 meter run and that kind of messed her up a little bit but they weren’t going to stop her. She was going to run fast enough to beat that girl and win”

The race for the women’s pentathlon crown came down to the last event with Bowman trailing the lead by 22 points. Bowman finished in second in the 800 meter run to push her final point total to 3,649.

She also gets the award for being the first REAL student athlete with the last name of Bowman in recent ASU history.

Congratulations Amy!