Twas The Night Before Christmas…RWC Style
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Twas the week after football season & all through land
The ASU Red Wolves were without a bowl invite in hand.
At Wings to Go the RWC discussed the disappointing season
With the Captain & Otis being the voices of reason.

Pimp Daddy was angry & said it was time for a change
While Tubby voiced that a visit from his namesake might be arranged.
The Judge asked for everyone to calm down & said we’ll be better next year
Possum exclaimed shut your pie hole & shoved a chicken wing in his ear

The table was full & the conversation couldn’t be beat
When all of a sudden there was Randy & Earl lookin’ for a seat
Wyoming exclaimed to the two, we start lunch at 11:30 without a catch
The Colonel chimed in its okay they’re both a little tetched.

The discussion quickly turned to the young ASU basketball season
The upcoming UALR game & Christmas parties were the reason
The RWC was planning a trip to the Rock to cheer on Brady commanding the hardwood
While Numnutz cried over his suicide wings I wish I could, I wish I could.

Outside of Wings peering in was a young lad with gifts in hand
A rushee who looked like reject of the Jonas Brothers Band
A potential pledge & plebe, Javelin boy was his name
Kissing up & toiling for the members would soon be his game

Big Nasty was in The Rock holding down the satellite club
While drinking a vodka & tonic at his favorite local pub
Milky was in Clemson playing Dungeons & Dragons
While avoiding one armed strippers & trying to stay on the wagon

Now on Capn’, Judge, Pimp Daddy, Otis, & Wyoming,
On Randy, Earl, Numz, Milky, & Big Nasty
Everyone bleed Red & Black & don’t forget to put up a fight

Southern Miss Accepts New Orleans Bowl Bid
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Today the University of Southern Mississippi accepted a bid to play in the New Orleans Bowl. Should ASU be able to pull off an upset against Troy we would go to New Orleans for a rematch of a game played earlier this year in Jonesboro, as well as the 2005 New Orleans Bowl.

Beating Troy is probably the only way ASU’s season will not end on Saturday. It will kind of suck that game will be a rematch, but I am not going to complain about the Red Wolves getting to play past Saturday.

Earl: A full Chancellor, or an Associate?
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Should Earl be a full Chancellor, or remain an Associate?

He says that he is committed (and which of us shouldn’t be) to purchasing THREE (3) ASU women’s volleyball tickets next fall.  The Cap’n, being an old softie at heart, is willing to support his promotion, arguing that while season tickets to women’s volleyball is almost like no season tickets at all, Earl is a man of his word.  If he says he will do it, he will.  Possum has opined that the tickets should actually be purchased, not potentially purchased.  And none of us want to poke the Possum (that’s what she said).

I can see the merit in both sides.  I agree, Earl is clearly a man of his word.  I also know that he is cheap, and if the price of bananas goes up between now and vball time, the budget (or Earline) may not allow it.

Fellow members, please weigh in with your thoughts.

The Judge